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Have you ever wondered how to make your own garden in your back yard or patio? Ever wanted to know how our grandmothers preserved all the produce for their big families from those gardens?

The average kiwi section is around 600 metres or more and in today’s really tough economic times, when young families are facing critical issues with the ever-increasing costs of food, that garden area is a prime pantry that can provide a family's food throughout the year. 

The Garden Pantry looks at how to establish a year-round garden, from great composting to companion planting - and complements that with easy to learn masterclasses highlighting the dying arts of the preserving ways of yesteryear, of the many ways our Grandmothers used to provide for their families from the garden and the orchard all year round. 

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If you or if you know of someone whose gardening and preserving knowledge would be great  on our weekly episodes, please contact our production team here.